Where should I visit in Kalimpong

You might be thinking to spend your vacation in the amazing ambiance of Kalimpong hill station. Right!

Then, this season (April – June, and Sep – Nov)  is the perfect time to plan your vacation in Kalimpong.

Ok, let me give some information of Kalimpong hill station that will help you later.

Here we go……

Kalimpong is settled down in the eastern Himalayan range, and it lies in the Indian state of West Bengal with an elevation of about 1,250 m above sea level. It is one of the most beautiful towns settled in the foothills of the Himalayas. The town is the filled with lush green valleys, captivating views of Kanchenjunga snow clad mountains, rolling valleys and offers exotic flora and fauna.

Weather: The town has pleasant and mild weather throughout the year that is the key factor for tourism in this small town and it offers the most alluring places to visit in Kalimpong.

Flora and Fauna: Apart from the weather of Kalimpong, the town offers exotic flora and fauna. Cinnamon, ficus, Bamboo, and cardamom are found in Kalimpong. Neora Valley National Park situated in Kalimpong districts showcases the Tiger and Red Panda, Barking deer, snow leopard, goral, gaur etc are found near Kalimpong. Kalimpong town is famous for cactus; rhododendrons and Heliconia are the exotic species are found in this place.

I can assure you that the beauty of Kalimpong hill is not less than heaven; actually, the town is paradise to spend your holiday in the arms of Mother Nature.

If you are coming from Bagdogra airport then the distance is 75 km /2 hours and 45 minutes drive or from NJP 73kms /2.5 hours respectively. Don’t worry about your journey to Kalimpong will be full of scenery and the amazing views of rolling valleys and Teesta river.

Culture: Kalimpong has diverse cultures due to the settlement of different caste, religion, races people in the town. So, these diversions also influence in their foods, beverages, and languages.

People: The Lepchas were the original settler and later peoples from Nepal started migrated to Kalimpong which includes Newars, Rais, Gurungs, Limbus, Chettris, Sherpas, Mangars, Tamnags, Yolmos, Bhujels etc. Although the region is mostly populated with Nepali people and Nepali language is predominated language.

Everything has its own history and has its own origin likewise Kalimpong town has its own history.

Until the mid of 19th century, the region of Kalimpong was ruled by the Sikkimese and the Bhutanese Kingdom. Within the rule of Sikkimese, the region was known as Dalingkot. During 1706, the Bhutan King captured the territory and named them as Kalimpong. The area is mostly populated by Lepchas and Bhutan peoples.

After the Anglo-Bhutan war, Bhutan king signed the treaty of Sinchula in 1865, where Bhutan take the eastern part of Teesta river and that time Kalimpong changed its face of being hamlet town and became hill station. Later the town linked with the Indian state of West Bengal and became one of the towns of Darjeeling district.

Further, Kalimpong was got separated from the District of Darjeeling to formed 21st districts of West Bengal in 14th February 2017.

Above images is the caravan of bull cart in the Novelty line in 1922.

Looking back to the history of Kalimpong, I think you feel little bore. Aren’t you

But without discussing the history of anything it won’t get interesting right.

So, you have plan to visit Kalimpong for your vacation then the town offers such a treasure that will be with you forever in our memory.

Talking about the only beauty of the place will full my blog and you won’t get a chance to know the famous places of Kalimpong.

So, you most thinking… where should I visit in Kalimpong?? Isn’t it

Just chill and go for Kalimpong vacation.

For your vacation in Kalimpong hill station, you can book one best travel agency or you can go yourself when I share you the idea of places of interest in Kalimpong.

So here you go…

Kalimpong offers the best tourist places that make your vacation extraordinary. Let me come to the places of interest.

Deolo hill:

If you are fond of nature then you are in right place I must say! It lies in the north-east of the town and it is one of the popular tourist’s places in Kalimpong. The hill is famous for its tremendous height of about 1,706 m above sea level. You can get vehicles from town and it takes 20 minutes drive. It is also dotted with a beautiful garden situated in the top of the hill and the hill has ridges from where you can watch the spectacular views of mountains ranges and rivers. The hill also offers Paragliding and horse riding as the major adventure activities. You must place this location in your top list of Kalimpong itinerary.

Pine view nursery:

It is one of the most popular places in Kalimpong hill station and this nursery is famous for the wide collection of cactus varieties. The nursery is situated at the outskirt of the town and takes a few minutes to reach. This place will give you the display of varieties of cactus and back side lawn offers the scenic view of Kalimpong town and more.


Hanuman Temple:

This place is close to the Deolo Hill, and its temple tucked in the hill next to the Deolo hill and smaller than it. The temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and dotted with a huge statue of Lord Hanuman situated in the top of the hill and it also offers scenic views. To reach the temple you have to climb stairs after stairs along the roadside.

Buddha Park:

It is a religious location, lies in the way back from Hanuman Mandir. You can see the small beautiful park, where a large statue of Lord Buddha has been found in the center of the park. Surrounding view of the park is overwhelming and relaxing.

Durpin hill:

Come and take away by the beauty of nature and rolling hills. Durpin hill is another famous hill in Kalimpong and lies just opposite to the Deolo hill. The hill is 15 minutes away from the town and most of the area of this hill is covered by the Indian army. The hill is accompanied with so many ridges and edges that offer the view of rolling hills, lush green landscapes, rivers and more.

Durpin monastery:

The monastery is 5 km away from Kalimpong town and it is one of the largest monasteries in Kalimpong. The monastery is also known as Zang Dong Palri monastery and one of the major religious centers for Buddhist religion. This monastery is built with Buddhist architectural style, ancient painting, sculptured walls and tucked in the top of the Durpin hill. From the summit of the monastery, you can watch the amazing views of Kalimpong town, River, hills and the magnificent view of Kanchenjunga snow-capped mountains.

Pine view nursery:

It is one of the most popular places in Kalimpong hill station and this nursery is famous for the wide collection of cactus varieties. The nursery is situated at the outskirt of the town and takes a few minutes to reach. This place will give you the display of varieties of cactus and back side lawn offers the scenic view of Kalimpong town and more.


So, these are the popular places that you can visit in Kalimpong. If you are more funds of nature then Algarah, Pedong, Lava, Lolegoan, Kaffir, Munsong and more are the places which offer magnificent views and pristine nature.

I hope now you are quite confident about the places to visit in Kalimpong and I guarantee you that the Kalimpong hill station will not let you down.

So, just go for your vacation in Kalimpong which is away from hustle and bustle of the town and provide you the relaxing atmosphere and about accommodation do not worry because Kalimpong requires so many hotels, lodges, homestay that will definitely satisfy your homely comfort.

I hope my blog will help you to guide you in Kalimpong and give idea that where should you visit in Kalimpong?

If you have any doubt then you can leave your question on below comment box.

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