Top places to visit in Kalimpong

The city of " hidden gems "

Places to visit in Kalimpong

Are looking for the best hill station for your vacation? Let me suggest you about the best hills station that you might be unknown. Did you hear about Kalimpong, it is also known as a “Hidden gems “.More than 71 years ago it was the main trade center to connect Tibet, the Tibetan traders used to bring silks and valuable goods to Kalimpong and re-transport the foods like salt and Oil to Tibet.

amla in kalimpong

There was still the connected rough road which is mainly known as “ Silk Route “ which is in Sikkim but you have to cross the Rasi Khola ( Small River ) from Algarah( Kalimpong District )and finally reaching Silk Route.

silk route way from Kalimpong

The old Kalimpong before India Independence – 18th century

If you are getting little confused about Kalimpong… Then let me give you some information about Kalimpong hill station and places to visit in Kalimpong.Though, the place is small but it offers much more to the tourists and give you the unique experience to be in the pristine nature and adorable surrounding.

Kalimpong view

Kalimpong is a romantic hills station lies in the laps of the Eastern Himalayas. The town blends with cultures and tradition and it also reflects in their languages, cuisines, and beverages. The town is away from the crowds of Metropolitan city and spreading the refreshment of the Himalayas.

The hill stood at the height of about 1,250 meters from the sea level and the weather of Kalimpong is pleasant and milder throughout the year. Kalimpong offers the perfect destination to the visitors who are looking for same as this own showcase.

How to reach Kalimpong?

If you traveling by air the nearest airport is Bagdogra airport which is about 77 km/ 2 hours 55 minutes and if you arrive from Indian Railway the nearest train station is NJP (NewJalpaiguri Station) then the driving distance will be 71 km/ 2 hours 35 minutes respectively.

You must know the Culture, Language, and Cuisine of Kalimpong hill station. May I tell you something – for me, it is a most interesting topic to explain to you..

Let’s begin…

Culture: Kalimpong itself is a place where different castes and culture are settled. There to believed that the first origin peoples where Lepcha although huge numbers of others castes like Tamang, Limbu , Rai, Mangar, Kamai, Damai, and Bhujal settled here.

kalimpong view from Deolo Hill

Language: Language is the medium of communication as everybody knows that and in Kalimpong the most dominated language is Nepali and people of Kalimpong adopted the Nepali language as their mother Language. Actually, every people have their own language and traditional wear but they together are known as Nepali.

Cuisine: Taking about cuisine makes me feel hungry every time but anyways ill control my hunger back to information.

Yes, cuisine, every place, country, region, area, place etc have their own famous cuisine likewise this town also has its famous cuisine which includes, momo, it’s a steamed dumpling which is made up chicken or beef or vegetable what you prefer matters. Thukpa or noodle which is served with soup is the best cuisine in Kalimpong especially during winter. Wai-Wai is the dry noodle comes in packing that you can have it dry or can add soup.


Flora and fauna:It will be your great opportunity, if you are adventure seeker and wild animal lover then Neora valley park in Kalimpong is the best place to visit which is the home of Royal Bengal tiger, Asiatic beer, Red panda, Indian gaur, goral, Clouded Leopard, Himalayan Thar is the exotic fauna found in Kalimpong.


Beside the wild animals, Kalimpong is also a paradise for birdwatchers like Lemon-rumped warbler, Hodgson’s Treecreeper, Chestnut-Tail Minla, Satyr Tragopan, Rusty-bellied Shortwing, Broad-billed Warbler, Yellow-throated Fulvetta, Rufous-throated Wren Babbler, Grey-sided Laughing Thrush, Scarlet Finch, and many more rarities are found in the eastern part of Kalimpong.

Rufous-throated Wren Babbler
Chestnut-tailed_Minla in Kalimpong

In Kalimpong, you can find abundant of flower nurseries, as the place is popular for the practices of horticulture as well. Kalimpong is famous for Gladioli, Orchids, Cacti, Amaryllis, Anthuriums, Roses, Rhododendrons, and many more. Kalimpong is also know as “ City of Orchid

kalimpong orchids

Spending vacation in Kalimpong, you can experience the diverse culture, magnificent views, exotic flora and fauna which I have already mentioned above. Actually, this hill station deserves to be called ‘the paradise”.

Then let me take you back to the history of Kalimpong in 18th century.

So, what happened during 18 the century in Kalimpong?

Until the 18th century Kalimpong was nothing than just a hamlet, only four-five families reside and that time Kalimpong was the part of Sikkim Kingdom and was ruled by the Sikkimese king. That time it is known as “Dalingkot”. After then it came under the rule of Bhutan ruler and that without its name Kalimpong. The meaning of Kalimpong is kalim means “ministry of King” and pong means “srtonghold’.

After Anglo-Bhutan war, the treaty of Sinchula(1965) was signed, where Bhutan ceded the eastern part of Teesta to the British East India Company. Then after the independence India in 1947, Kalimpong got merged with West Bengal.

old kalimpong
Anglo Bhutan war

Places to visit in Kalimpong

1 . Deolo Hills

 This place has no matched with other tourists places in Kalimpong. The hill is famous for its towering height of about 1,700 meters above sea level and 15- 20 minutes away from town. You can discover spectacular views of rolling valleys, rivers, landscapes and Himalayan ranges. If you like to experience thrilling adventures then you can go for paragliding, horse riding, and trekking.

Deolo Hill Kalimpong

Buddha Park

It is a shortstop destination, which lies just close to the Deolo Hill. This place offers a small elegant park with colorful blooming flora and in the middle, a huge statue of Lord Buddha spotted with unique Buddhist architectural style and appeal the magnificent views of the park.

Dr. Graham’s Homes

It is one of the famous Schools in Kalimpong built by the sir Anderson Graham in the year 1900. The main motive behind to build the school is to educate the orphanage child of Anglo- Indian. Later the school became famous and the local people also started to get admission into the School. It is the only school in Kalimpong with 550 acres total land area and it is basically a small town itself. You can visit the art gallery, farm, museum, greenhouse, and church

Dr.Graham's Homes Kalimpong

Durpin Monastery

You have no idea that Kalimpong houses so many monasteries and Durpin Monastery are one of them. This is an ancient Buddhist monastery located in the summit of the Durpin hill and the monastery was built in 1975 under the guidance of Dalai Lama. The Monastery is a great example of Buddhist architecture and when you enter the monastery you can witness the sculpture pillars, ancient painting and the statue of Buddhist god and goddess. The monastery published close to 110 texts on Buddhism. Besides this, the monastery presents the amazing view of Kalimpong town, rivers, valleys and Kanchenjunga snow peaks on the background.

durpin monastery

Morgan House

Come and witness the appealing colonial architecture in Morgan House which is an example of British architectural work in Kalimpong. This house was built by George Morgan and he lived till his wife died. Now, the house is converted into tourists lodge and run by the West Bengal Tourism Department. It is rumored that the House is haunted but for me, pointless saying. Apart from this haunted rumors, the surrounding of the house offers spectacular scenic views.


Other places including

Hanuman Mandir

Thongsa Gumpa


Mangal Dham


Army Gulf Course

Army Gulf Course Kalimpong

Durpin Hill

durpin hill kalimpong

Pine View Nursery

Lava and Lolegoan

And more that you can visit in Kalimpong.

In Kalimpong you can interact with nature and indulge with adventure activities like river rafting, Paragliding, horse riding trekking, hiking, angling, camping and more.

River Rafting in Teesta River KALIMPONG

So, I hope this guide will helpful for your Kalimpong trip or you can also go for the best travel agency that may guide you in every tourist’s places.

Further, if you have any queries regarding the places of Kalimpong then you can comment below and I am there to help you out.

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